Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell
The year is 2025 and the balance of power between good and evil has shifted. The world has fallen and in the fight for the souls of men, the God of this world is winning. Demons take the shape of men. Some even take their bodies and beasts of the fallen no longer live in the shadows.

Los Angeles has become the epicenter of the battle between angels and demons. A heavenly host of angels has been sent from Paradise to shift the scales and send evil back into the shadows. But with their arrival to earth, not all of them are able to resist the temptations of this world. Some fall themselves and are forsaken by their peers. Unfortunately for humanity, the war waged between the two sides catches mere mortals in the crossfire. Some attribute it to the apocalypse - that these are the end of days. And with the war crossing all continents, it's easy to see why. In these times everyone is pray. The daughters and sons of man are bartered and traded; used for the personal gain and advancement of demons while Angels hoard them away for their 'protection'. Reservations of humans have been established for their safety. Entire cities are quarantined on each side and persuasion and deception influence the weakest in spirit.

In a time when sides are chosen, where do you stand? Do you fight for good or evil? Or do you fight for your own freedom? Choose your side and write your story - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.

6/20/17: Templates going up! We now have an app template and a member directory.

6/18/17: Happy Fathers Day! Added all subforums, species list categories, and misc forum categories. Updated subforum header images and introduced timeline.

6/15/17: World building! Updating plot and welcome info to introduce people to the fallen world.

6/13/17: Added basic forums to house rules and site info as well as all IC and OOC character development info.

6/11/17: Site is up! Isn't she pretty? Worked on fine tuning the skin and adjusting colors. Created banner and added cbox.

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Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell latest news: Application Template
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Need some info? This is where to start!
Here you will find all of the rules, lore, site info,
setting and plot that is applicable to the city
and to writing Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell.

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Whether you're creating a new character,
or adapting a favorite to this forum, this will be where to find
all accepted species, abilities and our points system structure.

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Application Template
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Site Canons
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Face Claims
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Member Directory
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Want Ads
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Open Threads
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SBHAH is a Shipper Application forum.
Please feel free to respond to member shippers
if interested in writing with them.
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Here is where you will find
member created clans, factions
and family information.
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This is where members are able to
find creative outlets to describe
their characters or writing
via images, music, gifs, etc.
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All cellphone and/or letter template communication may be written here.
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